At a lecture in the forestry department and I’m one of two women and the only one under like 35. Everything is so stressful today!!!!!

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What is Fracking? How Is It Dangerous?

Fracking has been a hot-button issue among policy-makers, scientists, environmentalists, and the general public alike. But what exactly is fracking?

Fracking, or “hydraulic fracturing”, is a way of extracting the oil or gas that’s embedded in subterranean rocks. It’s achieved by forcing liquid— usually water— through the fissures of those rocks at high pressure.

Jaime Trosper over at From Quark to Quasars provides a good overview of this process. She then answers a lot of questions about fracking, such as:

  • Does fracking makes economic sense? 
  • Does it harm the environment?
  • Does it endanger the communities that live around fracking sites?
  • Does fracking harm the workers involved in the process?

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Good sleeping spot bro.

but he’s helping the baby stuck in the fence :(

Wildlife doesn’t give a flying shitfuck if you’re trying to help, its all the same scary interference to them ;)

By the way, now that I’m done shuffling 30-something baby animals in and out of my house all summer, and assisting in the care of 100’s more outside of my home, and ripping out all of my hair, I’ll be returning to regular posting again.




swan bout to go off

Story of my life.

'Extinct' cat-sized chinchilla found alive in shadows of Machu Picchu

Below one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, scientists have made a remarkable discovery: a living, cat-sized mammal that until now was only known from fossils.

The Machu Picchu arboreal chinchilla rat (Cuscomys oblativa) was first described from two enigmatic skulls discovered in Incan pottery sculpted 400 years ago.

The scientists headed into the field in 2012 and tracked down the elusive mammal in the cloud forests near Wiñayhuayna, another archaeological site on the Inca Trail heading towards Machu Picchu.

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Two-headed(polycephalic) bull shark